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Puffco Peak vs. Dr. Dabber Switch - Are they REALLY worth it?

Puffco Peak vs. Dr. Dabber Switch - Are they REALLY worth it?

If you are a regular on any cannabis centric social media, you have likely seen some of the campaigns launched by electronic dab device manufacturers Dr Dabber and Puffco.

Their newest models, the Dr. Dabber Switch and Puffco Peak have become staples in headshop inventory and are a go to device for casual and advanced dabbers!

But, if you have been listening on any of these social media feeds, you likely have also seen some of the major issues with these new designs.

Below, we will breakdown the Pro's and Con's of each device and offer an alternative if you aren't ready to drop $300+ on a new electronic nail device!

Puffco Peak Pro / Con - MSRP $379.99

Puffco Peak White Model

There is no doubt that Puffco has firmly been seated as the 'household' name in electronic dabbing. With various design and performance upgrades over models of the past, the Puffco Peak is a solid dabbing device. Featuring 4 unique heat settings, a 20 second warmup and a battery that lasts nearly 2 hours; Puffco will certainly keep you dabbing for the evening!

However, these features come with a serious drawback; someone has to pay for all that marketing after all! These units will run anywhere from $379.99 to $300, if you can find a deal.

You can read the full description and specifications at the Puffco website.

Puffco Peak Positives

Puffco Peak Negatives

Aesthetic design Glass cone and cap are fragile
Ergonomics for one hand use Atomizer is known to burn out early
1 Year warranty Steep price
 Easy to use


Dr. Dabber Switch Pro / Con - MSRP $369.99

Dr Dabber Switch Compare Photo

Chomping at the heels of Puffco is Dr. Dabber and they are largely known for the exact same reason; first devices of their class to the market.

In the past, you didn't have nearly the choice you do in dabbing today and Dr Dabber is providing a great choice! Although these units can be a bit large, they are easy to use and can be used as a baseball bat if the need ever arises (no, not really).

Featuring some of the same points of value as the Puffco, the Dr. Dabber offers a bit more control over your dabbing experience. Not only can you use it for oils and concentrates, it also works GREAT with dry herb vaporization!

You can read the full description and specification at the Dr. Dabber website.

Dr. Dabber Switch Positives

Dr. Dabber Switch Negatives

Easy to use controls Glass cone and cap are fragile
Heavy duty body and construction > < Heavy duty body and construction
2 Year warranty Steep price
 Easy to use Removing nails is difficult


G9 E-Nail Portable Dab Rig Pro / Con - SALE $49.99

G9 E-Nail Kit Product Photo

Just like the laundry soap on the grocery store shelf, the unbranded version is usally just as good as the brand names! This is no different for the G9 E-Nail. Although it may not carry the same fancy packaging, these units are ready to keep you dabbing and dabbing.

Not only do they feature easily replaceable ceramic and titanium coils, the G9 Portable Dab Unit has a replaceable 18650 battery. When the juice is all dabbed out, simply grab another 18650 and keep dabbing! This feature alone is what stops us from switching!

Included in the kit is a glass bubbler mouthpiece that gives smooth, cool draws each and every time. There is no complicated Bluetooth setup on these units, simply press the button three times and the unit will being to warm up to the PERFECT dab temperature.

You can read the full description and specification at the GreenWater Headshop website.

G9 E-Nail Positives

G9 E-Nail Negatives

Simple one button control Glass mouthpiece can be
Heavy duty base Only 2 spare coils included
Includes hardcase USB charger can be slow
Replaceable 18650 battery No LED light show



After reviewing all three units, we are confident that the G9 E-Nail can satisfy any dabbers desire to vaporize their oils electronically. If you are not worried about the fancy box, the flashy LED light show or showing off to your friends, the G9 is the right choice for you!

If you are ready to drop $300 on an electronic dabber, ask yourself this, is it really worth the extra $250 for some branding and cardboard?

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