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Best tools that you NEED for dabbing

Best tools that you NEED for dabbing

The dabbing world is still relatively new, every day more and more people are beginning to smoke concentrates.

So, if you're just getting started in the world of dabbing we know it can be a little confusing to know what tools you'll be needing to the best and smoothest hits from your oil and wax concentrates.

In this article, we'll give you a list of what we think are the five best tools available for dabbing.

Dab Torch

Blazer Dab Torch Butane Jet

You just can't dab if you don't have a dab torch, because it doesn't matter if you're using a dab rig or a nectar collector this is what you'll be using to heat up your nail or tip to the right temperature to vaporize your concentrates. There are loads of torches out there. However, we recommend you get one designed for dabbing specifically, because even though an ordinary kitchen torch is going to do just fine most of the time, the larger flame output that a dabbing torch puts out is great for making sure that your nail heats up rapidly and evenly.

Also, be sure to use good quality butane to keep your torch in good shape and functioning for a long time.


Dab Rig

Mini Dab rig made in USA

Well, you're also going to need something to smoke from, and a dab rig is the best option out there if you like potent and smooth hits. While you could also use a bong for smoking concentrates you wouldn't want to do that to your bong or to yourself since the taste you get from buds is much different than the one you get from concentrates and you wouldn't like to mix the two. If dabbing is not your primary way of getting your cannabis we still recommend you to buy a dedicated rig for concentrated cannabis just look out for the options in our page that fit your budget, that way you'll get a high quality and affordable rig


Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector Artistic Crop Image

Nectar collectors might not give you the best or smoothest hit there is, but they get the job done and are much more portable, cheap and straightforward than your average dab rig. You can still get water filtration in some models so the hit won't be too rough and you can just put it in a backpack and go anywhere you want to enjoy a dab.

Also, nectar collectors are much more friendly towards new users as their simple design allows anyone, even if they have never picked one before, just to heat up the tip with the torch and start dabbing. You can read more about how to use a silicone nectar collector


Carb Cap

Glass Carb Cap

Also known as a dome, a carb cap is probably the most useful dabbing accessory that is out there, if you have been dabbing for a while, you know that finding out the right temperature to heat up your nail can be difficult, especially if have never done it before. What a carb cap does is restrict the airflow to the nail, that way you the concentrates can vaporize at a lower temperature, and you make sure not to waste any of your oils or waxes.

There are even some carb caps that have other dab tools built in to make the whole process even easier.


Dab Jar

Large Square Silicone Dab Container

If you have been dabbing for a while, you know how messy it can get. Concentrates get sticky and get on everything that's around them, so the best thing you can do is use a dab jar. Dab jars will make sure that you won't spill any of the dab into places you don't want them to be making the cleaning much more manageable. So go ahead and get yourself a silicone dab jar.

You might be asking yourself, why silicone? Well, the wax won't stick to the silicone so it will be much easier for you to clean and also dramatically reduces how much wax you waste when it gets stuck in traditional jars.

Also, silicone jars come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and designs, so there sure is one everybody. We recommend you get more than one, that way you'll have one for use at home and a smaller one to have with you when you are traveling.

Silicone Dab Mat

Silicone Dab Mat Set

Don't leave a your dab station a total mess, by using a silicone dab mat you can prevent all those splashes and drops from sticking. If you have been using herbal concentrates in the same area for any amount of time, you know how quickly that wax and oils leaves a mess. These mats are simple to clean and are super cheap too! They come in a pack that includes the mat, a silicone container and a wax carving tool!

Silicone Tipped Wax Carving Tool

Silicone Dab Mat Jars and Tool

Another common problem is the sticky dab tool that seems to make a mess everytime you touch it. You wind up sticking to every sheet of paper you touch for a week!

Luckily, when you add some silicone tips into the mix, you prevent the mess from ever occurring!


Dab Tool Conclusion

That was our list for the most important tools available for dabbing, sure, everybody has its own opinion and might say that we missed some essential tools like a reclaim catcher or quartz bangers, but that doesn't mean that they are not important just that they often are not a priority for most people when it comes to dabbing.

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